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  • The largest search engine for bread units / carbohydrate units
  • Free app, no one-time or monthly costs
  • Find more than 400,000 groceries and products
  • Suitable for type 1 and type 2 diabetics
  • Simply scan products with Scan2BE
  • Choose your unit from BE, KE or grKH
  • Individual quantities when searching
  • Also for every low-carb diet
The mobile WETID App

Your  Carb App and Search Engine

400,000 foods and dishes

An important part of diabetes management is determining carbohydrates in the diet. Every diabetic needs to determine the amount of carbohydrates and possibly the fat/protein units for their meal. This is where WETID helps you as the largest Carb app for bread and carbohydrate units. With more than 400,000 foods in the database, it is possible for you as a diabetic to accurately determine the carbohydrates and other information for each meal. Stop searching and find your carbohydrate information!

Carbohydrates and fat-protein units

How to determine the information for your diabetes management

A Carb APP helps you to determine the amount of carbohydrates in a meal. WETID automatically shows you the important bread units ready calculated. Without confusing you. It doesn’t matter whether you determine your necessary bolus with bread units, carbohydrate units or with grams of carbohydrates. WETID takes care of this for you! Also, the App calculates your own amount of food.

To make it even easier for you, you can scan products directly with the Scan2BE function. With the help of the barcode you can find your food in the huge food database and the bread units/carbohydrate units are displayed directly in the app as a bread units table.

Finding out the amount of carbohydrates has never been easier for diabetics!

Type 1 diabetic

Every gram of carbohydrate counts. That’s why WETID makes it very easy for you. Find your food and specify the amount you want to eat. And you’ll know exactly what you need to bole. To make it even easier, you can also scan products. And it doesn’t matter if you calculate in bread units, carbohydrate units or grKH.

Type 2 diabetic

Adjusting your diet is not always easy. Dividing your food into carbohydrates and bread units is not always easy. The WETID App helps you find out in seconds how many Bread Units your food has. It helps you to follow your diet plan and determine the exact amount of carbohydrates.

Low carb diet

LowCarb or Ketone diet requires that you know how many carbohydrates the food has. Determining the grams of carbohydrates contained in the food is easy and fast with this app. Search your food or scan your product and you know how many carbohydrates it contains.

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